Monday, June 25, 2012

Podcast: 6/25/12

Octo Octa - "Deep Hurt" from Oh Love EP (100% Silk, 2012)
Kindness - "That's Alright" from World, You Need a Change of Mind (Polydor, 2012)
Liars - "His and Mine Sensations" from WIXIW (Warp, 2012)
Pond - "When It Explodes" from Beard, Wives, Denim (Modular, 2012)
Man Without Country - "Puppets" from Foe (V2, 2012)
d'Eon - "#84" from Music for Keyboards, Vol. 1 (Hippos In Tanks, 2012)
DJ Rashad - "CCP" from TEKLIFE Vol. 1: Welcome to the Chi (Lit City Trax, 2012)
Sea Oleena - "Orion's Eyes" from Sleeplessness (Self-Released, 2012)
Guardian Alien - "See the World Given to a One Love Entity (excerpt)" from See the World Given to a One Love Entity (Thrill Jockey, 2012)
Peaking Lights - "Lo Hi" from Lucifer (Mexican Summer, 2012)
Alice Cohen - "Mauve Mood" from Pink Keys (Olde English Spelling Bee, 2012)
Boy Fruit - "Places I've Gone" from Demonology (Debacle, 2012)

[Download this podcast in 320kbps]

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