Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sacred Tapestry - Shader (Self-Released, 2012)

Greetings new Sacred Tapestry software users, advances in new millennium concepts have required we adjust the new urbanization of city life by shifting the paradigm, its plaza dubai, silicon oasis, and productivity suite to unconference the heart of the online workshop. It's time to synergize and utilize your impact on the next level of integration and optimization for maximizing efficient offices across the new digital frontier; by redefining the workplace, reaching out to our global connections, and displaying 110% proficiency each and every day. You will be briefed further on these issues through one of our many InfoTech towers across the local metro area. These issues include learning the ins and outs of webinar, the 1080p collection, the digital nightscape, and practicing a number of digital team building exercises, held in any one of these convenient hotel conference rooms listed below.

- The Dystopian Inn (Room 132A) FAX #: (Please Log In or Register To Unhide This Number)
- Logon Suites (Room 16B) FAX #: (Please Log In or Register To Unhide This Number)
- Insomnia Plaza Hotel (Room 12A&B) FAX #: (Please Log In or Register To Unhide This Number)

Prism Corp (a subsidiary of Windows 98: codename “Memphis”) is also proud to unveil to the public: Project Shader, a revolutionary new aural experience from Sacred Tapestry (the finale opus from the developers of New Dreams Ltd, 情報デスクVIRTUAL, Macintosh Plus, and Laserdisc Visions). The complete color spectrum is all here in this convenient package; that means the entire RGB spectrum (clipped, condensed, and recoiled from its original binary state) is here in all of its sweet, euphoric glory. Original sound clips from the past, present, and future are all presented here in stunning crystal-clear 240p clarity. Optional sonic filters include misty daydreams of dolphins on the wing, Isla Nublar tropics glazed in the scent of ice, the neon heat of sunken neo-Tokyo internet cafés, 3D screen-saver sky diving (with optional “Realistic Clouds” background by Windows 98), spiraling floods of rain in the business park across the greater Silicon Valley area, and last but not least, a deluxe package of video loops featuring Bill Gates jumping over a computer chair (presented in x100 slow-motion) and Phil Collins’ VHS video diary of his nostalgic trip to Sea World.

For further questions you may have at this time and/or a full service solution of regional supervisors overseeing this universal project, please regard to the list of nightline's below to truly boost your signal.

- Robert Earl Davis, Jr. TEL #: (Please Log In or Register To Unhide This Number)
- Daniel Lopatin TEL #: (Please Log In or Register To Unhide This Number)
- Mark McGuire TEL #: (Please Log In or Register To Unhide This Number)

Thank you, and enjoy this virtual cookie curiosity of Prism Corp Ltd: (Please Log In or Register To Unhide This Object)

[Stream Shader from Prism Corp]

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