Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interview: Bibio

Allo! Yes, I got round to interviewing Bibio. He seems like a rather lovely fella and here we go:

So first question I guess is what do you like to be called? Bibio? Stephen? Wilkie? Perhaps even as I suggested in my review, Bibs?


Well moving on from that rather ridiculous opener, what inspired the slight musical leap between Vignetting The Compost and Ambivalence Avenue? Did you always intend to add more vocals or was it something brought on with Warp?

I had been working on more beat-based tracks with more pop production for a while. The track "Ambivalence Avenue" is the oldest track on the album about 2 and a half years old now, that track gave me the buzz and confidence to do more, and then it was a decision based on whether bibio was purely lo-fi folk or whether it could evolve and include more. I decided on the latter, sticking to one thing for the rest of my life is pointless. Besides, a change in sound means the early works have their own space, their own identity and meaning, and I like that.

What made you decide to release another album in such close succession to Ambivalence Avenue? Were you unhappy with how you'd performed some of the tracks on Ambivalence Avenue or why the remixes?

I'm not unhappy with anything I've released, I spend a lot of time pondering over tracks, so I love everything I've put out. I just like putting records out, and I wanted to give a remix opportunity to some artists I respect.

You seem to engage with a wider range of influences and thus proudcing a wider range of sounds on this album than on any others previously. any particular reason behind it or just for fun?

Variety is the spice of life.

A friend of mine is a big fan and wanted me to ask what kind of equipment you use and how you go about your writing/composing process? (or as he put it, "ask him how he makes his awesome musics") what should i tell him?

MPC, reel-to-reel tape, computer, analogue mixer, analogue synth, guitar, bass, percussion, compressor. There are many ways of using it all, I couldn't begin to explain.

How are you finding be on Warp? met Richard D. James yet?

Haven't met Richard, being on warp is ace though, a dream come true.

What do you think of being one of the highest rated new musicians on Pitchfork Media, y'know assuming that means anything to you at all?

Yeah, good news. Although I don't like the way Pitchfork are so influential in the negative direction. There's something ultimately wrong about how one man's opinion is elevated to such a highly trusted status. The media are a necessary evil.

You're playing DJ sets round europe soon, any great artists and tracks I need to know about?


Do you try and play most of the stuff on your own tracks, especially on your older albums was it entirely you on your own?

Everything on Amb Ave is me too. I play all my instruments, sing, write lyrics and produce. That's how I like to work.

When will we be able to see an actual Bibio show and what can we expect in terms of set up? Like will you have a band?

Who knows?

I always kinda wondered where your unusual song names come from as they appear to me to mean nothing? Shed some light on the likes of Dwrcan, Dyfi, Ffwrnais? Is it welsh?

Dyfi is a river in Wales. Ffwrnais is a village in Wales in the Dyfi valley, Dwrcan is a made up word, half welsh half english: Dŵr = welsh name for water, can = can in english. I used a watering can as part of the percussion in the track. In fact all of the percussion in that track was recorded outside in the garden using objects outside as sound sources; gravel, stones, bottles, watering can etc.

Anything you would like to talk about?
Not right now, busy schedule :)

And any final statement you'd like to make to the people who read Olive Music?
Go and buy a copy of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass, first edition, and then read it.


  1. Nice to See. I will come back again.
    Keep it up.
    Roller Babies International Version

  2. sick interview. That's super interesting about Dwrcan!

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  4. Nice to See. I will come back again.