Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Say My Name - Say My Name EP (Range Life, 2010)

In the same vein as artists like The Books and Dth, Say My Name makes glitchy, electronic music that acts as a collage of sound. However, Say My Name's debut has a theme; it's an 8-track, 13-minute journey through a portal of retro culture, much like what its record cover conveys.

Samples of 70s world music and blaxploitation soundtracks sporadically introduce each other, giving each track a healthy dose of schizophrenia and variation. The relentless wah effect of "PleasePleasePlease", the lush horns of "Stop Snitching", and the echoing police sirens on "Copping Pleas" give a feeling of vintage reminiscence, however filtered through a layer of relevancy. The EP ends with its most modern-sounding track, that even goes into ambient territory, "Signal Generator" which is composed of very slow, lower-register tones that end the EP in a sedate manner.

This EP's only flaw lies within its spontaneity; the samples and orchestrations quickly come and go without any sign of warning or transition. I feel if they were utilized a little more, and had more repetition, this EP could have easily been a great album. Though if you're familiar with the electronic-collage works of the two artists previously mentioned, and have a short attention span, Say My Name's self-titled debut is guaranteed to please.

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