Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aghori/Isa Christ - Split (Existential Cloth, 2011)

Modern-day noise has fallen to hit-or-miss circumstances at this point, primarily due to spreading itself thin in many of its corners. In my eyes, the detriments seem to emanate from the growth in technology, to which anybody could create a massive heap of a waveform instantaneously on their laptop. Since this, ruff has been accumulated, displaying that the harsh realm of music is growing vast, yet blurrier with age. With this expanse comes a diamond or two, though, proving that the future of noise couldn't be as dismal as expected: a very limited cassette release from Maine's Existential Cloth has come along to widen our eyes.

Matt McKeever, when isolated from the woodsy and hypnotic duo Pine Smoke Lodge, channels a much more baleful mindset under the moniker Aghori. Opening with the borderline-silent "Wooden Tool," a vacillating breath constitutes the first five minutes, varying in volume and magnitude, before its last minute of howls and churns build a root for its successor "Are You Gonna Come And Kill Me?" A multitude of voice samples plague the left and right channels, squandering into a mechanical sibilation that advances toward a decay.

New York's Isa Christ asphyxiates the entirety of the B-side with the 10-minute "Double Vertigo." A coarse vibration is inhumed beneath convulsing squeals and soggy chirps, forming into peaking intervals that overwhelm the underlying drone entirely. With progression, the abiding hum accumulates dirt and grit that take the forefront. The final minutes of this side morph into a muddled bulwark of feedback, suddenly waning into silence.

Both of these East Coast projects conjure a newly uprooted concretion to the purview of noise. Sides A and B seem to stem from similar sound origins, yet Aghori's sparse instances and Isa's dense sputtering are enough to keep the two separable. If a reissue were to diffuse its magic amongst a larger audience, maybe the noise crowd would be able to take some pointers.

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*Note: this split is sold out from Existential Cloth, however Tomentosa Records currently has it in stock.

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