Thursday, October 20, 2011

Orchal and Vir - Orchal and Vir (Elestial Sound, 2011)

With merely two releases under its belt, the newly founded Floridian label Elestial Sound has already established a promising catalog of colorful, imaginative electronic music. Alongside the inaugural City album by Dillard Wiseheart's Floating is the debut EP from Gainesville duo Orchal and Vir.

Though appearing as a new name amongst many, its makeup consists of no outsiders. The first of which is Kane Pour, who has proposed multiple spellbinding cassettes across Gainesville's finest backyard labels under his birth name, Pospulenn, and in the duo Tricorn and Queue with Jeffry Astin. Tristan Whitehill's previous work is much more in line with the sound of this new duo, under the name Euglossine Industries and formerly operating as Ostral.

Despite falling short of reaching a half-hour of material, Orchal and Vir encapsulates a vast assortment of flavors. The pairing of punchy snare hits and tranquil harp chords on "Flash Fabric" epitomize the EP's exotic milieu of digital flora and fauna. "Quincy Starlet" opens boisterous and lush in the midst of an exuberant tempo before metamorphosing into synth-funk, with a quirky groove and lustful keys. Orchal and Vir reserve their most greatest ambitions for the closer, the poly-melodic and hip-hop-esque "Hotlantis", which seamlessly morphs into a driving 8-bit rhythm before returning to square one.

Pour and Whitehill opt not to side with any particular approach to electronic music and instead embrace eclecticism to furnish an incarnation both heady and immediate. The EP is a comprehensive yet accessible view of the duo's influences, with not a single conceptual clash in sight. Structurally, much of these nimble electronic compositions attain an effortlessly fluid, jazzy air. Creativity and imagination loom large amongst the EP's five tracks, to such an extent that any instance of stagnancy has been eradicated.

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