Monday, April 23, 2012

White Suns - Sinews (Load, 2012)

The press revolving around Brooklyn trio White Suns is very minor. Pitchfork's Out Door column named their debut First Purge an overlooked record of last year. Being on no-wave enthusiast Weasel Walter's UgExplode label may have been a slight case of misplacement, because they fit the bill of a rock band more appropriately than the rest of the roster. While Walter has deemed them 'noisecore', Spin Magazine contributor Christopher Weingarten has grouped the band with a string of other New York natives (Pygmy Shrews, The Men) he's said to be pedaling a newer face of 'pigfuck', a very minuscule punk umbrella.

White Suns may have found a better home, now releasing their sophomore effort Sinews on the legendary Load imprint alongside some more like-minded contemporaries. A band as foreboding and dissonant as this could only improve upon potency with succeeding releases, and the initial impact of tumbling drums and unwavering guitar drone proves that such is the case with White Suns. Every unholy feedback squawk has subtle range to it and the drums burst at a chasmal magnitude. Past shrillness has been trumped by a harrowing density.

First Purge professed exactly what its title indicated-- an unforgiving release of tension. Sinews feels studied, for the band utilizes the vastness of their din and structures each excursion with valleys of apprehensive quietude and peaks of punishing discord. As was the case with their debut, White Suns are yet to attain any significant variety, though "Flesh Vault" is a relatively less abrasive monologue. At 33 minutes, Sinews is more cohesive than it is exhausting, teeming with suffocating percussion, unnerving cries, and unidentifiable squall both surreal and brash. The closer "Oath" gives a bit of revelation about the album's exertion, "I speak with a thousand voices when I recite these words."

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[Stream/Buy Sinews from Load Records]

Correction: "First Purge" is actually the title of the opening track from White Suns' debut Waking in the Reservoir, but changing the title in the review itself would tarnish my thesis. Oh well!

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